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The art and science of sustainable profit growth.

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Why AnsidCFO

We bring financial clarity and deliver sustained profit growth.

Financial Clarity

Leverage financial and data analytics expertise to execute effective business strategies.

Financial Modeling

Enhance decision-making and robust business and cashflow planning and forecasts.

Scalable Financial Operations

Implement scalable and efficient financial processes and reporting systems.

Profitable Growth

Drive rapid, profitable growth to increase financial returns and business valuation.

Who we help

Revenue growth

Financial clarity

Efficient financial operations

Improved cash flows

Sustained profit growth

Data-driven decisions

Scalable financial foundation

Credibility with funders

Why hire a Fractional CFO

Business Focused

Gain from senior financial talent dedicated to driving business outcomes.

Highly Responsive

Benefit from dedicated fractional CFOs who prioritize your business.

Industry Expertise

Tap into years of industry-specific experience.

Cost Effective

Achieve twice the value at half the cost.

What clients say​

Being a startup CEO, I had minimal knowledge of finance. Our AnsidCFO helped with cash flow management and provided strategic fundraising advice. When the team was scaling, he assisted in thinking through staff compensation plans, helped the sales team on pricing strategy, and was a huge help working on government grants and venture debt.


Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-founder & CEO, Knockri

Our AnsidCFO's strategic and financial wisdom has been invaluable to me and my business, especially during the pandemic. He is smart and always a pleasure to work with.


Linda Antonacci

Founder & President, Lulu Marketing

Most of us become entrepreneurs because we’re really good at something, but often it’s not finance. So I brought in AnsidCFO, and I can honestly say that this is one move I would gladly make over and over again. He quickly understood our business, and is a strategy and financial advisor I trust.


Mohammed Faridy

CEO, OneView